Nina K Pettis, Proofreader, January 1996 - present

Newman Graphics Corporation, April 1993 - January 1996

The Type & Stat Place, September 1984 - October 1992

Williamson Printing Corporation, September 1983 - September 1984

Automated Production, Inc., November 1980 - September 1983

Down Home Printing, October 1979 - November 1980


Cedartown High School, Cedartown, GA; College Preparatory Course, graduated 1966.

Shorter College, Rome, GA; English major, three semesters.  


Ed Angerstein, a client from my time at Type & Stat; Ed tracked me down a few years later and shanghaied me into freelancing for USFI.  The designers who worked with them started sending me work, and before I knew it I had a business! 

Lavon Dison gave me my first job as a proofreader in 1980. He taught me more about the art of typography than I could have learned in a doctoral program at any college.  I still read every job as if Lavon was doing the final check-out.  We worked together for eleven years, first at Automated Productions, Inc. (a subsidiary of Bloom Advertising), and later at The Type & Stat Place.

Jean Armstrong, my long-suffering roommate, business partner, moral support, and sounding board.  Her picture is on the photo array on my home page, with George on the left and Thunder on the right.  (The paint horse is, of course, Scout, expressing his opinion of just about everything!)

All of the English teachers who taught me grammar, spelling, syntax, sentence structure, and a love for the language.

And gone but never forgotten, my sister, Ladye Pettis Sparks, who challenged me constantly, and  my mother, Sara Kate Roberts Pettis, who accidentally taught me to read at the age of four and never tried to curtail my choice of reading matter after that!  And I will always remember the late Faisal Ahmad, CEO of USFI, who told me, "The quality of the collateral directly represents the quality of the company.  Proofreading is essential."

Last but definitely not least, the people who pass my name along to their colleagues -- word-of-mouth advertising is an honor, and I do my best to deserve it—and the people who take me with them when they change jobs or start their own business.  I sincerely appreciate them all!


I am sincerely, deeply grateful to two of my friends: Rich Taylor, of Right Turn Marketing, who brought his talents to bear on the copy for the home page and the "who I am" page of this website, and made it infinitely better; and Joshua Carter, Renaissance man whose abilities are too many to list here, who did all of the heavy lifting of getting this website organized and ready for public viewing.  Thank you, gentlemen!