Nina is one of the best proofreaders in the business.  We know we can always depend on her for fast, friendly and accurate work.  We are lucky to have her helping our team!

P.S. As always, please proof this before you use it! 

Leon Banowetz, President

Banowetz + Company. Inc.  

“Nina, thanks for being accurate, easy to work with, and available to our demanding schedules.  I’m thinking it’s been at least twenty years we’ve been working together and we ain’t shot each other yet  (I know, ‘ain’t’ ain’t a word).” 

David Newman, President

Newman Graphics  

We have used Nina as our professional proofreader for years now.  There is none better.  She is responsive, communicative and very good at what she does.  Our firm would not finalize any articles, blogs or client work without having Nina’s keen eyes give it a review.  She is an amazing resource and has served us well! 

Beverly D. Flaxington, Principal  

One of the main things we appreciate about Nina is not only is she very thorough, but she¹s very responsive, which is critical to keep us on schedule. 

Holly Mason, President

Mason Baronet  

Nina is a “must” on any project that passes through our shop.  She’s worth her weight in gold, and I can’t begin to count the number of  times that she’s caught minute errors prior to releasing a file to the  printer.  She’s incredibly reliable and ensures that our projects can be routed back to our clients on time.  Truly an expert in her field—there’s never a question for us that we will use Nina on a project. 

Karie Scuiller

Caliber Creative 

How do I say miracle worker, money saver, the very best in the a few words? 


Dale Rushing

Propel Group, Inc.  

I know marketing...not proofreading.  We’ve trusted Nina with our proofing needs for well over 10 years, and she’s never let us down. As she so aptly states, “Professional proofreading doesn’t cost; it pays!” Thanks for making us look good, Nina!

Brad Wines, President

RSW Creative, Inc.  

Nina plays a huge role in each of our projects at Squires & Company.  We never send a project to print without Nina’s review first.  Our clients are always so appreciative of Nina’s attention to detail and her ability to find errors that we all somehow seem to miss.  We highly recommend Nina’s proofreading services. 

Squires & Company 

“You are the best Nina.  You are so easy to work with and we know we can always count on you for a great turn time and precision!” 

Samantha Reitmayer Sano

SWOON, the studio 

An image of life without Nina:  Your not going to find a more better proofer than nina is.  She are the absolute bestest!

Seriously, I have never worked with a more conscientious, responsive, and entertaining proofreader than Nina.  She not only makes our clients’ work look great, but helps me maintain the image of my company as a detail-oriented partner.  In today’s competitive environment there is no room for error, and Nina ensures that my company is always providing an excellent value.  Her skills have saved me thousands over the years, and I consider her a cornerstone of my success.  Above all this, she is a great person as well.  Thank you, Nina.  Here’s to many more years of partnership!

Rich Taylor

Right Turn Marketing 

Working with Nina is truly a pleasure.  She is quick to respond to new requests, works diligently to meet our deadlines, and always delivers a quality product (with a virtual smile).  She is our go-to proofreader. 

The Brand Hatchery

We are an award-winning marketing agency that produces high-quality digital and print media, content, graphic design and video production.  Our customers appreciate our attention to detail, which includes the professional proofing services provided by Nina.  Our rule is, if a project has a word, it gets proofed—period.  We could not turn out this level of accuracy and professionalism without her services which make us look good, and make our customers look great.  

Dave Gilbert, President

Stray Media Group 

Nina is exceptional in all she does for us.  She continually saves our agency and clients from errors that could embarrass us or create a liability for our client.  I am a firm believer that proofing does not cost.  It pays.  Thank you for all you do, Nina!  You are the best.

Raul Varela

High Bandwidth  

Nina has been a trusted partner of ours for more years than I can remember.  We rely on her to be our 2nd set of eyes on all of our projects.  Her attention to detail and thoroughness is both an asset and necessity.  I can’t imagine working without her. 

Alice Cantu


Nina is everything you want in a proofreader—thorough, efficient, enthusiastic, and pleasant—and no one else I’ve worked with has a sharper eye.  She is our go-to proofreader.

Kristina Rolfes, MS, MBA

Kennedy Krieger Institute

We have had the honor of working with Nina since 1998.  We have always considered her a valued partner – a member of the team – who continues to make us look good, and she has saved us thousands of dollars over the years. She is conscientious, responsive and most of all vigilant about her work. No matter how rushed the project may be, it doesn’t go out the door until Nina has blessed it.  Getting a “No Corrections Needed” stamp from Nina, is better than getting an A+ from any teacher.

Leslie Blandford-Akins
Marketing PowerZone
P.S.  You might want to proof this!

For more than 15 years, Nina’s eyes and expertise have been part of everything we do. She is as much a member of our team as anyone in this building!

Chris Brantly

Nina has saved me many embarrassing moments as she proofreads our bulletins for Sunday mornings. She is invaluable and a huge blessing to work with.

Jan James

Office Administrator

New St. Peter's Presbyterian Church