"Everyone around here has looked at this, and now we need another pair of eyes."

Have you ever worked on a project until you thought it was perfect, only to have someone point out a small detail that ruins your entire day?  Or watched a presentation only to see a misspelled word that distracts you from the real message? 

That's why I am here.  I am the one that takes your work of art and makes sure all those annoying Is are dotted and those dreadful Ts are crossed.  In short, I'm the one that makes sure your work reflects the hard work you put into it.

Nobody wants to get to the final stage of a project just to have it derailed by a typo or a grammatical error. I am one of those people who cringes at every misused “there, their and they’re,” and I want to bring my experience to bear for you.  Want to know more?